Jared Planz
F A R M E R  /  P H O T O G R A P H E R
Jared Planz is an organic vegetable producer, landscape photographer, and a naturalist. Specializing in capturing the fleeting moments, expressions and feelings of nature, wildlife and the world around him.
Most of the day you would find Jared out in the vegetable fields, planting tomatoes, harvesting  greens and generally minding to his fields. When not growing vegetables he is adventuring in the forests, with a love for backpacking or waking up early to catch a sunrise in a beautiful location. 
The best part of photography for Jared is that when he has camera in hand, It helps to aid him in the pursuit of slowing down and noting the beauty of nature.  There is beauty and magic around all of us and it would be a shame to not take the moment to let it capture us.  When the moment captures Jared, he tries to capture it back and share it with the world.
Jared is always looking for new projects related to his passion. 

"There is  a beautiful connection between all of nature and life and what inspires me most it to capture and share those moments that sometimes get overlooked in the day to day grind. "
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